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Forthcoming Events

Registration & Legal Matters


  1. Who can become members of the Golden Goa Association, Southampton?

    Membership shall be open, irrespective of sex, sexual orientation, race, nationality, or political, religious, or other opinion to :-

    1.  Individuals aged 18 years and over :-

    a) who are of Goan origin, or who are spouses and children of persons of Goan origin, and they shall be known as Full Members.

    b)  For membership purposes, a Goan is any person who is able to trace his or her ancestry to Goa, or the spouse of any such person.

  2. When can I become a member of the Association ?

    You can become a member by filling the appropriate membership form. Membership forms are available during our events and general meetings. You can obtain a membership form online by emailing to [email protected]

  3. What about the membership fee / subscriptions charges ?

    For the initial period of 3 years, membership will be free. There will also be no registration charges for new members during the said period of time. Thereafter the Managing Committee may from time to time determine the appropriate membership registration charges and annual subscription fees, and other related fees / charges including Life Membership Fees.

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Forthcoming Events

  1. Are there any events coming up in the immediate future ?

    Our Second Event will be held on 06 March 2011, namely Goan Carnival Ball 2011 in Southampton. For further details, please click on the NOTICEBOARD link on this website. Thank you.

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Registration & Legal Matters

  1. Is Golden Goa Association, Southampton, a recognised / registered organisation?

    Golden Goa Association, Southampton, has been accepted as a Member of the National Council for Voluntary Organisations, England.

    We are also regularly taking advice from the Southampton Voluntary Services, Southampton.

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