(a Voluntary Association of Goans)

Membership of National Council for Voluntary organisations



15 February 2011

National Council for Voluntary Organisations, United Kingdom, 
Formally Recognises Golden Goa Association, Southampton, 
and Grants Full Membership Status as a Voluntary Organisation !

( The National Council for Voluntary Organisations (NCVO) is the umbrella body for the voluntary and community sector in England. NCVO works to support the voluntary and community sector and to create an environment in which an independent civil society can flourish. NCVO has a growing membership, which currently stands at over 8,400 voluntary organisations ranging from large national bodies to community groups, volunteer centres, and development agencies working at a local level )

Membership Number : MEMBERVC/13810

Oceans of Gratitude to Mr Andrew Walkey, Membership Officer, and the entire staff at NCVO, UK.

I thank all the Goan people and my friends for supporting me and above all God Almighty for making my application to NCVO successful.

The NCVO granted full membership status to Golden Goa Association, Southampton, within 8 days, after a full examination and review of our website, our Constitution, photographic evidence of our events and other social activities, and of course, our Facebook Page !

We Goans Can and Will Achieve Our Dream of building a strong Goan Community wherever we are !

Thank you, Facebook, for all the much-needed global publicity !

On Behalf of the Entire Team at Golden Goa Association, Southampton, 
Mr Roque Vaz, 
General Secretary

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